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Welcome to my space in the web

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I'm Tauthe and this is a personal blog. Tauthe sentada pixelart
You'll be able to find creative writing publications, ideas or books. I'm quite a fan of classic literature and I'm cleaning up a good TBR list right now. In the meantime, enjoy my blog (I hope) and leave me a comment in the neocities profile (it's below in the footer) or in my guestbook (in the links above). If you really like my page, then follow me, idk.

As for other content you might see in the future here, I'll probably update an art section and add some interesting projects(?). Who knows what the future will bring.


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You can see it on mobile but it's probably the equivalent of a churro made page. Right now it is written to place the different columns one on top of the other and I have fought brutally to be able to make this setup that is barely supported with two wooden sticks and a piece of duct tape. I'm trying hard to make it functional, it will improve with time.


College is hell and I am the condemned sinner. It is horrible the amount of work with so little reward. I fervently wish for the day when I will be free of this burden and be able to work and become independent. It's hard enough to manage food plans while studying. I lack a planner.

I ordered one, it was supposed to be in stock and when I went to check it said "preorder" :(. Now I'm trying to get as organized as I can with some spare notebooks I have. This won't happen next year because I'll have the one I ordered now, but it's a pain in the ass. I haven't had time to write anything for the blog because I'm right now trying to do a pretty long story (about 8 chapters) and I'll upload it when it's more acceptable and coherent.


Gifs are from gifcities, inspiration from Pixel Glade Banner and . Background is from magicPattern. The font modern DOS is Jayvee Enaguas's. The buttons below have the link to where I got them if you click on them :). The rest is by me and follows the license on the side.


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